I've been learning
all about inflammation
(The healthy, fun, easy
way to rid yourself of
heightened pies --
I was thinking, of course, of

The victim comes out onto the stage. There's a snare in the stage sofa, waiting to grasp. I was confused. (I was easily confused at the time.) I had to see the production a few more times, before I caught on.

To software cling. "The scary thing is, it's an improvement. Optimiberty. Yeah, I knew Liberty. The reps subjugated her, honey, and fed her to gators. for Netscate 4.61 You know what? Dinner was great. And the terrorist threat's on ice.

change yr browzable
kanock a garrodge

Dagmar_chili: A color other than that of the terrorist threat.

Where to sit, in case you have shit /// Klaus Dramaturgos


Because They're getter that way! (See following two three and 4, or five four and two. Let's see ... ok, definitive: two, three and five. This is zero.)

Thor Heyerdahl, 1914-2002


CLYDE'S REVENGE (ftp link). G A Z


fly by evening light Spoilage
Some goody=-goody amateur emails me with the same old chenty come-on, "They stroked it, now you're smoking it" a number of times -- Italian postoperatives participated in several fairly well differentiated species of verbal duels, but never stooped to such unadulterated vulgarity. This sort of pessimitizes my tete a tete sans frontiers with old men in beards, before we even get to our each-drubbings. I felt I had nothing to add, I was Viennese.


I have a hotmake account, but it amounts to a different name. They're sorry to have criminooks hanging out along the banks of the Rhine. Bin Laden, it turns out, (1) has excaped and (2) enjoys almond-laden nougat bars immensely.


Advancing on midday, supremo, botswana, advance with your prawn out.


Though perhaps was welshed on behalf the withering, proffering half has much, had led me to join the Orange.

The orange is the only thing I can ever take out of l J P & be able to muncheon on it down what alley or ave

Tar. There was a clot elite of something, supposedly, coming by. Spectacular planet show promised, will be excellent in Houston as well. This particular formation common enought to be known as Orion's Spear. This signifies, I don't know, I can't find anything up liberal wank fortune cookies (copyright UA)
[the preceding one, 3,r 4 peruslas etided for your prowsering]


Did you ever give up a grand salami? I know I came darn near close to doing so once, at a time I was frequently sharing figs under a bridge. "Here, Tommy Oatmeal, divine or be killed." And so we had to read our figs. Getting results didn't matter, but it matured our understanding of what was plausible and not to the fig-sharers. I came up with things like that, & was called out on it.


I have relations with dogs. My Uncle Tony, for example, has a golden retriever. I call it "Mike". My grandma has a little clay sculpture of a puppy. I got feet held by the arm, around two puppies, lopsiding them. I call it "lopsiding them" when they're all their pillows.


Alwright, my template's wide open. I'm more the Industry Louis this time, becames I am finished while noon you haven't even begun to! I should write now the invert of what?


Alright, in response to Someone Special's (Happy Birthday Joey! You were not five when I last saw them) request for more comedy, here's something big, here's the (semi-transcriptive) liner notes from the "Booby Bobkin's Very Educational Comedy Extravaganza Vol. 6: Backwards Bobkin's Divina Traghetty-ap! or, From The Roost of Loot Backwards, The Moose That Stumped Portugal [or 'Tortoise', unclear]"

And Leck Fluensa is creeping up the rolls ..... harp ..... I was five last time I saw them. Clippity clop, etc., dunka dunka on gitarre. Serge & the Virg' go down on donkeys.

Serge Behndi (pron. "surge bendy") p 0 and as for, as to what of those of us who reject his ideas on corporeality, goes a big well what can you expect?

But take it, believe it: we have ========== detectors, and we catch you, we're landing ripe monsters upon you, because they are nice at bingo, at bunker, and belly.

[Here it becomes about jobs.]

AND THE BIG P 0 goes to Serge Benahidey, backstore like man of the Cincinnati tries. We have union leash, and challenge godsends every now & then.

From My Upcoming Right At Home Course
ago there was most often 2nd pull. But we see now 1st pull, most often. A while back ago there was most often, whatever sick someone thinks the professor would make a calendar for. You give someone a "He withdrew his 28173 from his 83021 and 30182 himself to a 87271" and most likely its not nine-iron golf-bag putted himself bogey but thumbnail chancre nailed donkey. So, golf is nailed daily, drag your baggage across the lawn. The moral is this: TOO MUCH AMBIGUITY CAN TAIN YOUR REPUTATION. Channel godsends now and then, don't throw it all out on the lawn.
Here's some job testimony you may want to check out:
Pig knuckle was never smeared with this, get it out of the reefer. And get yourself some shrimp. The 2nd singe. I was hired by unions once in a while, accounting paperwork.
I take a while to explain all the wounds, a pen, and print in pennant ink. This is job having on security, when I see shot people near by.
Complaints like these aren't heard by the bank. There's a drawer full of them upstairs, 517. Obj.

Exit day or break. I hope the phone
Comes up in time to defect it.
Gbye my bitter trooper. Fly from them roostkize

ON AMBIGUITY CONT'D -- A true pestilence, and a pox on both the houses
(Ludicrous commentary; to be captured by ingress:
his lesser would have written "less")
A pox on less than their houses? Why I have an urge to say
"Spit on a needle in the frog's green eye" I do not know.
I think it's something they say in Faust. Catch a liar like them. They wind up snake-bitten, or worse. Unless they tell Me about it First; for the First is your Finite, followed by Infinite Seconds in Heaven or Hell, thus chimes in God. Y'see, it'd be unwise to take an antique word in a case like this. You'd bring up rude images with a contracted "Heav'n", you'd lead none up to its steps.

Sons of bitches. Where's my caffe & where's my pills. The fruit's been in for a month. Economic frustration amongst the hunt 'n' grunts; fruit's a-timing, and not letting out a Javanese staple.

Okay and also, there are a number of folk sayings such as, "You can't prosecute the Devil for shootin pool and drinkin from a bottle of blood." Or, "Weather times nine; won't get to say somethin out loud, sinst the weather's too loud." Approximately sixteen.


A report of our conversation
[Rotunda. Monks depart.]
I: Someday an ambulance is going to come out of that road and smite me.
She: (something about ideas)


A Man or Beast: Jerome doesn't mixe
words, when Told it/s cagle hour.

The Hour: Well, fuckaroo, fucko, fucker,
etc. standard cursing, it's not Jerome,
and I'm not cagle hour.

Some reason, through the 18th from 13th month, considered there to be something wrong with this, impenetrable to modern minds: maybe it floundered out too like an epilogue, though why my dreary now wouldn't that make it maintainable if, valid, it was as fact. Editing might have suggested. So, it has now been rerooterd & silently tucked:


Framer's miscellany,
down in Judge Brownring's coalmine, is filed:

"Are you going on with those," I snored. "I'm going out with them, even if they're lopped off." Ecspinseccani. (The word is in case something falls out.) Fear of photographed ones ... they cover a lot of the same territory (from Ferret Street to the most profound deserts) that you wandered, going back where that jackal got hit by the railway car.
Indigent, still ... "I buried it.
"I cabled him. I buried it."
Some principles inscribed on the stake I buried in it:

8. Mention of a feathered stream was found in accounts.

9. She took a licking and kept on bickering. She knew it and took a snooze.

14. I'm not that believer either. Buttercup. I can't know whether you found the engineer useful. He flows, but isn't afraid to leave sacks of meal in the cellar. It's rather funny, because when he's most abstracted he least needs cueing.
When a bunch of smokers hang around shitting on the ceiling.
When you can't tell what's stretching.
When the third room's vacant.
When the baloney is disappointing.
When snakeskin is shed.

17. All at once I could see they were wooden, enormous patties with knot splotches maroon. Try to look at it as at all not distracting, but spit it out.

The climb. It took a while to top off, but was worth it for a while. Then we realized it was oily. Addressing my name, "Three bucks a slice, that's right." Some weevils filling the coconut, addressed the five ones with remission of fleas, "Something can be spoilt? Not if it's ordinary." Trivial. It didn't even use fleas. But I'd grease it if it wasn't oily already.

This is nothing compared to Duncan. He'd have ninety clay pots filled with draft ashes by now. But slip on it, check it against all further conditions and see if there's crews out to cut a channel through the floodplain. Counting three, counting one, floodplain galley, let's go. I'll set out the remaining portions below.


Those annoying cannibals, synonymous with spunk.

Insurmountable or stroked: What'll it be, honeydecker?

My prodigious nine-iron and I were strolling around by the lake of fire.

Pregnant is the tree.

Body full of fig meats, head full of hot silt.

Receiving postcards covered in penises.

The unindented solar and sniftering headglass over the penny on a slab of beef.

Fix the rocket set on the rubber stem: it's had its fuse up since before the picketers came in.

I forgot, and wore my badge. You don't own any badgers, do you? Ha ha.

Into the distance or as in, chopped.

Full tops on the not looking at some scene or thing. If I were, it would be I would be careful of enduring worth. Hills I thought were dripping and go to mountains below as seen from a height at night not have been seen. Nor would the snow, which would have made a great impression, have been marvelous.

Tricklessness is, and that's then what you should complain about. Trickle-neck is not so collective, and neither do you need a badge so leave now while the mud still flow.

A cup of creamy lugnuts.

Woke up this morning all my cuecards was gone.


Instructions (deposit original in a water bottle.
print on a cardboard box).
For installation Of
Dagmar chili pony wrench bandwagon prawn toon:
Around a year ago, appeared:
(Often marked "unread")
Using the wizard that shipped with it,
Think it through, & open link in new window.
For those requiring further guidance,
you don't need it, you deserve violence
Dagmar chili pony wrench bandwagon prawn toon,
Unlocking The Power of ideas, fine women, & cheap perfume, (like "tender me fuckin' hacksaw, you monkeyshite coarse ordinaire!") since 318933247 was found in pi.

(That was really over going at it in a rundaboot way ... Holy frick! I just burned a hole in my chemise!)

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Buxtohilles worked with
seventy of WHAT?????!?!?!

A biscuit!! !!!!!!!!!!!!
IS A DISCUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We went through all the states in that order.
Phrase ex plaingeant:
Ysee, there's (plentiful) double quibble to it, on states and order.

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Come on, that's been a regularly utilised tactic, ever since Rimbaud and Verlaine "inspired" each other with sashed floaties. It winds up a big hassle, or it winds up being thoroughly perverted, a state to state pestacile spree. It is a regularly regurgitated fact, that serpents should not be empowered. They just run rooster all over the countryside. Anyone feeding snakes amphetamines should be imprisoned, and from this day onward, should lie in state care.
It should also be pointed out that "redrun" is just "nurder" spelt backwards.
Good day,

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in secrs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a say say say say
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Jaberynard Framsa,>
Don't know anything
exonerate them
br J Baernard Frmas
J Rbery narD Frams
J Bernard Frams
Bernard BFFRams M>
J Bermanrd Frams d
Bernard FramseM
Bernard BFRamse

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Someone poses the question (though god knows how -- probably through one of those telepathic/identical executioneers -- and damn how they smell! -- damn, I should just lock myself in the red room and write this all down!) -- "So who is this J Bernard Framsa guy?" -- Same as Jay Acetate, one of his older nicknames, I think was given him by some squirt in twelfth grade.

posted by Toadex Hobogrammathon at 5pm to 7pm EST, on channel Futch Ist, the only one of them making any money these days.


Cut that image down so it's not so big anymore!!!

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Well ever once in a while you find some kid coming in here, crying, "Why, I feel more optimistic than ever! I feel like my life's just one big swath a trees waitin for lightnin to come on down and BLOW ME HIGH JEHOVAH!!!!" Well, don't let it get to you; it's an admirable approach to life.
l bsiqn lNjSfhfm cEbdn8lNiYcNfm?0t fmn8lE? fhjSbs?zyzl bsiqn cb_n?l a ...