And I will gladly die a martyr
For the try-to-shit-and-only-farters


to Speak your mind
about the insane savages,
who maimed raped and murdered
Officer Friendly
in the back of a turtle green limousine
To software cling. Values systematize. You know what? Dinner was great.

a g b
k a g


You lay your head on an infirm table, lay your paper down on it. So every penstroke comes as a thunk to the face.

Tossing in a little more never hurt. The better than keystrokes, which ham the hind.

Officer Friendly was wearing a turtle-grey tuxedo. Q: What was he up to?
Row Row Row Row Row Row
I get phone call for breaking up pay phone signal, waiting of one, in sains av aundric

farts Bwar. that puts them on the sidelines
Row Row Row Row Row Row
and what puts them on the stage is their immediacy. I'd heard, so I went to watch them one time, do their thing. The something something something, and the something that I'm not willing to say, was a bitch. I didn't change any of this:


the deli they chuckled and said "You have very rare shirt," genuinely irked me but it would be ridiculous to throw juice carton, can of shredded beef, can of beans at nice brack sheert
      ( [......]: I THIGHT OI SAW AN ANIMAL!
      Cut it out a i will i eag your wathces. F this. Maybe o if you behaven )
had forgot my oven. Back then. So I got in and was gathering orange

Speaking of breakfast, she used to mother your breakfast bacon when she was in her thirties. And if I had told you legitimate pinct of shick, I would baked a cake.


So Wain should be making the rounds soon. "I AM A BIT GONE ON MYSELF AND HAVE TO MAKE IT UP WITH MY FEELINGS" ONE & ANOTHER ONE be found via a casual google. One of them pictures Looks familiar


It's very widely unread, so I'll keep it wick.
I have to make a story of a set of premises, offbeat, humorous, possibly lewd.
I don't tare to do it, and won't


lot of them, down from paper ,,, in THE NINNET NINNETS!!!

"I'm cooking a potato under Beaver Heights Station" -- say that, oh, say, in a letter and they'll getcha, for talkin in code. But I'm baking one. It must be punctured at nine. And now I'm inspired. Here's the 'flatus's foamy trail:


1. Oh I got me a bakin potato,
Firs futch in the lan,
Oh yes I got me a lovin bake potato,
First futch in the lan,
Now now pretty momma gal baby,
don' let it burn your little han.

2. Now my bakin potato ain't no runt, momma,
bigges' 'tato you evah seein.
This bakin potato's a big one, momma,
it's bigges' you evah seein,
This 'tato's gonna 'TACK you, momma,
cause I has been troubled peein.

Ah -- out of room -- my 'flatus could ave flown further, but now will over, to some other sheet or mile.
More on the keg trade later.... (CONTINUTED)


Monkay. You arnt experience


also, and Jack Chick is a mother fucker.

OEEEPIt's just not the sort of thing he'd think of. Tease off top of the head


IIjt realy cheeser me, with the vowels and their respectives realigned, when somethin like "Holland sussage" or (allow me to rewind) "vision mopeds", "emits overaccountants, none of your business", and every part I misprescribed, like graveyard Stuart, appear

grade F in Cologne, (PS What's the deal with Cologne>>>??)



Scrape fingers up the wall, smug rip
& call that good. There sense a romping and nagging.
the unease (illness.) And I find it deficient, listen the
faculties, River shut off, where we tits go down logs
and walk out the dog. Suck to be the
all-waging evade thems to be encrapsack,
in italicy. To be escape forward always chanape
unknown and be in town behind


"Squatting evokes an integrated physiological response which has evolved over millions of years and which can't be duplicated simply by bending at the waist."

also, "Mein Gott, zwei kilogram!" .... both via, though it seems I've read the 2nd before


O! What withever, hath .... Bah Guess I'll just trot out Old Quintilius Varus again

As the Romans impudently become

As the Romans impudently become,
Sim serim sim sim sim sim,
They pulled to of Germany the north,
Sim serim sim sim sim sim,
In front with trumpet sound,
Width unit rae tae tae tae width unit rae,
Ride the general field marshal,
Width unit rae tae tae tae width unit rae,
Mr. Quintilius Varus,

Refrain :
Wau, wau, wau, wau, wau,
Mr. Quintilius Varus ,
|: Schnaede raeng taeng:|
Schnaede raeng taeng, de raeng taeng taeng

2. In the Teutoburger forest,
Huh! Like piff the wind so cold,
Raben follow by air,
And it was a decaying smell,
As of blood and corpses,

3. Suddenly out the forest Duster
Broke combatful the Cherusker,
With God for prince and native country
Stuertzen it itself rage-been inflamed
On the putting ions.

4. Pain, ward the large murders,
They struck the Kohorten,
Only the roem'sche Reiterei
Still saved itself in the free ',
Because it was to horses.

5. O Quintili, poor field gentleman,
Did you think that so the world more waer '?
It came into a sump,
Lost two boots and a sock
And remained putting miserablly.

6. There he spoke fully Aergernussen
To the Centurio Titiussen:
"Kam'rad, zeuch your sword out
And from the rear me through boron,
There nevertheless everything futsch is."

7. Into poor roem'schen armies
Served also as unsalaried employees
Scaevola, a right candidate,
Which one has schnoed imprisoned,
Like the others all.

8. This it was issued badly,
Eh that one it up-hung,
One stung it by Zung and heart,
Nailed it hinterwaerts
On its corpus iuris.

9. As the forest battle was to end,
Prince Hermann rubbed the hands,
And around its victory too weih'n,
It invited the Cherusker
To ' nem large breakfast.

10. Hu, there gab's westfael'schen ham,
Beer, as much one wanted to drink;
Also in carousing he remained hero,
But also his Mrs. Thusneld
Drink walkuerenmaessig.

11. Only in Rome one was not cheerful,
Separate bought mourning dresses;
G'rade as with the midday meal
Augustus sat in the emperor hall,
The mourning message came.

12. Only remained for it before sudden fright
A piece pfau in the neck puts,
Then it turned out except itself
And cried: "Varus, curse on you,
Redde of legiones!"

13. Its German slave, Schmidt been called,
Dacht ': The Maeusle is to bite it,
If it kriegt it ever again,
Because who daliegt once dead,
Does not become alive any longer.

14. And in honours of stories
A monument one did establishes,
Of Germany strength and agreement
It tells now far and broadly:
"liking it to only come!"

have to head down to Tattoo Warehouse and get me a big burning