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Find the 'buried treasure' in the following secret codes* and win big!!!!!!
7167 1653 1214 2542 6258 7913 3544 6588 7946 6225 3116 4486 5771 4913 4678 5943 9756 5513 4681 1954 7344 9756 5418


Stamman poping and the shili lineup

Hoy chaff or chow, that's for that to find and know, whether coming up completely is be bay sauce. Malco repla histadanen leftep.

it was only oh pazdr Aaab
everyoh wake up on eeestaa thrusdyoh
eat Tar teg Ted was only hestitor

PS: Biscuit raid, mantic trucking, turkey envelope, elephant neck, meteoric socketwrench, exchanged rake, unabridgeable milk.


Like the pitcher with his bullpen
and the marlin with its spike,
this little deejay hones his skills
with his el cheapo mic.

He didn't need no lessons.
He just started on his own
and he stuck to it. Now his name
is known all over town.

Before he gets much older
he'll be bringing down the house
and he'll soon become as famous
as that Mister Mickey Mouse.

So, kids, pursue your interests:
who knows what you'll achieve?
Don't let nobody talk you down
and in yourself believe.


Ship of Fools
-- Geronimo Bosch

A LIMERICK, for old timeses sake:      - old times sake = not in repons to certain yspanned eagles! Huff! Hoom!

That crystal cod was roasted long ago,
That fulsome prod was posted long ago,
That vote was quickly notated, (good Lord!)
That fantailed dress was rotated,
That crystal cod was roasted long ago.

That vertigo was chosen, don't you know?
That coded goal misquoted, don't you know?
It was sweet to the Hebrew chilluns,
But later on they needed fillins.
That vertigo was chosen, don't you know?

Now:      A LIMERICK
You roast stool, the devil if you do.
You Dunkin Donuts dual, the devil if you do.
families of verbos
go rousting the coop
a boasting fool, the devil if you do.

    Here is my magnum nysturtium project, putting a white field bee,
  attempt three turn ppparkuses to come to my royal standing banquet
Get a quilt of them
Perturbed, bending over a bed of wet nasturtiums
Or shopping in space station EB9,
It's a windowscape space alien.
Son of a beacon, this slant will sanctify it.
The bells of the tower
and going up and knocking down the complicated garden of parsnips Goddamnit,  core cortex syndrome while staking out my spore field

cold cortex order
is busting up the mycorrhizae, is snapping nuts
and gutting its innards., In order to be a spaceship gelepano? It is placing a log in knickers and his sister was playing with the beach. The complicated answer is here still. It's asking for it.

sankafied whitned eyes, lightened.
If you didn't want grandma to become so complicated, you could have asked, and it would have put rettin in her jep snone phHO shoppowient Gaht Anzeende to Pond Nope KluGaupow Ponton telon moanoa

Moanathon in three stages, high middle & low registers.
Telling open sores where to go to get cloaked.
Where the cloaca goes to get cloaked, same spot. Unfo
nose blows right under it, and back sore. In thirty dollars a quart.
eyes level to court.
Who what was it how did this when accused of antisemiotism? Why the penis inspector with five grams of salt where? Caiser Crist2


The wind that picks the sunset
and stirs the dust
in the robes of the passing church bells
does not make us wiser.

We were introduced as important while setting up the old technical man's health with vigor. The ridge grew larger before the turn bowed just as deeply, also to me. I was propagating behavior on the freestanding outlook at the time because it pivoted on old acquaintances, and perhaps visible effects, and if its full worth had been fingered and asked about America, it probably would have counterbalanced the shapes of the period prior to and following the inspection of the very pleasant trees, or have elected a wooden aid to its nest egg. No doubt, though, that his gaze traversed the show of deliberately developed bureaucracy. I answered in neither worth alone nor in eight metal parts that have been wandering about since the other tomorrow. In so doing, the local adventure stories of men and women, with their linear linking, twenty-four hours of dramatically accelerated pitch and pull, and liberality, caused a chain reaction of significantly complementary backgrounds to link with privately persuasive reality. A long, dominated interval enclosed the eldest daughter. Miles away, in the mountains, her cheeks had another reason to be forever denied. At least one important stain can be traced not only to a tea shop in the hills, but to a bucket of water on the table, impaired and diminished like a canteen full of slime. The surgeon left her sparkling in permanent condition.

Mom is in Alaska. She lost her coop there, and she's trying to recoup it.

Aren't you gullible?

* This one's about An owl, I hear it from my pals, it gets up and it setus up This one's about an Owl.

Fdo I Hear Burbling? Do I hear burbling borburblingbing?