Uncontrived utterance of big time algebra maven (and them was big days):

And I will gladly die a martyr
For the try-to-shit-and-only-farters

to Speak your mind
about Officer Furious,
who maimed raped and murdered
Officer Friendly
in the back of a turtle green limousine
To software cling. Optim for Netscate 4.61 You know what? Dinner was great.

a g b
k a g

Where to sit, in case you have shit


"Howdy howdy, and thanks for all the astute jalapeņos!"

Freaders will realize that it's been a long time since The Astute Gelepanos became a parody of themselves. So they're going to do it again. And this time, they're going straight to laserdisc.

"I didn't know an astute jalapeņo could be worth money."

Something about a pieface chickenhole, that was a welcome aberration, say, did I ever quote for you folks my cardhouse dot com Parrot Luncheon Meat Contest Which Never Panned Out entry?


          "Lunar parrocheon meat: luncroon test
          consonant with a reamed mind."
                    -- Erbron Prawntoon, The Diddler's Dictionary

Paunch and rot
produced a parrot-launching monad
while threatened by astronauts
stalking the streets of Khartoum. It*
parched lunar roots underwritten by my cousin
consuming carrots and prized parrot meauncheonmeat.

* That is, the parrot-launching monad.

PS -- I just tell the ad men, I say, "How's the ad hawk comin', ad man?" and it infuriates them, TO NO END!


And it's a lazy one, the last two or more Inputs have been: "glar", "juvenile penile", "adroit", "The world is solid.", and "sorry" - & that all took ten days. Yow can do better. I will use next promising phrase as seed of an entry, as in yakkage dartow yak olowute. (That's you with a double-u, the plural


The jig.

part of our coll. heritage, the green discus, thrown by Papa North, elevated into relicacy by priestly means. We don't have the gen article anymore, it's been absorbed into the State Hotel Masonry.
Can't get any thing on the eye, or must not have any thing on the eye, or go blind. IANO whatyoum taking over -- fly grease
and slashed inflatoes.
On the relax. Sartling azar
Amazing that anyone fell

The page.

I keep lying. This enlightened way to lie.
Are these Pages (I took them as advice. Always troubled by advice) to be qual'd or quitterd. That I'd like to remember
Factoid: for disciplines of the gauge:
[The papyromania is real patently (etym.?) --
[Grapho -- no       no you dudn't dish that
[Little schizophrenes -- chicks with dicks -- wouldn't pounce
[on mispet U's. This written upside down. Fact smitten.]
Do not transcr... as w/ wretch vehemence. "In fact, mince all"     --     but not a smidgeon more of talking over marks.

Tore it off the rolls.

But as they say -- "can't be more lazy than Jesus." Or you'll never slip in that kook million. Must go land to land like an unraveling itinerant, attend conferrences without a person's name plaster on them, i.e. "Unraveling Industries: What is Perceptive, Eventual, and Dirt: How to Choose Your Ducks Without a Scratch: What is Farfetched."


I'm going to change this morning, change what it says, what it practices worth.
I foudn a perfect way to antidote some one's mouth. Put it in a typewriter: a slice of turkey, and on it type three spaces, then with such

As shitty as a picture is , I will late make a tadgear dchili. com chite some day, etc. because this would do wonders with ubiselity issues. etc. For instance, who stays and who does not, where links go on the last page, where the chiambesaries roll, what Eleveta Jan thing says of the reveea. It's not going to be schroll, now, and stay me open eye


One of the classy-asser ones.


Am I even confuckinnected to the internet/no. Organizing the walsh. I wanted to show you: that even acre speckle unknown was worth theta maybe. And less than an integer, I think not. That's insulting to the hour glands


Howdy all, this time I decided to keep my old design, instead of redesigning. I said to myslf, "I always redesign when I archive shit. Why not pep it up a bit with stasis and stagnation? After all, that's what I've been at for months, or even years, after all." So welcome to dagmar chili, the site.

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