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*not to be taken literallyYou CAN go home again!!!!


is a Living document, it's addendum is threehundred thousand words per day, it encompasses the entire internet, but is limited, sucker, by that very compassion as the shovers all want to show


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06:05 p.m.

After that, he (let us call him Popafern) told his friends he would make a painting "Omir Schlaftsahne's Latest Work" portraying a non-existing artist with his latest work. The only artist present said that if he did so she (let us call her Capitapetels) would do an imitation, reversing the abstract and realistic portions. Whoever went first would be dead meat, man! But a little while later Popafern and Capitapetels arranged between them to do these two paintings, and actually really got into it, going through several involved drafting sessions, and eventually ended up playing a game in which they took turns exagerrating what each saw as the other's peculiar style, and came up with two babies, very similar stylistically, but one mostly blue (Jorge Popacapit) and the other mostly white (Sonja Fernpetels). The auger termed these names propitious, and sure enough, both appeared on the cover of Newsweek. As a !!FEMALE!! senator and her crank brother.

Note: all disjunctions to be considered willed errors, but please try not think about it.

05:45 p.m.

So he puts on a secular image, and a tie, and goes to see his advisor, Larry Wilkins. "Hello," he says, "I'd just have to like to say that I am my primary interest is in the preconceptions, the way that what peoples go from cruder ideas to whether they become intelligent thoughts due to interference from preconcetptions, I'd be a professor of, if you see, the many meanings of the term, the pre conceptions also, that is the nerve events leading up going into the formation of thoughts, and the changes in a person before they get power to conceive, think" which Mister Wilkins hears, at this point deciding that the student is not yet aware of the proper vocabulary for the discussion, decides to wait until the young man finishes before turning him sober wif two hundwed an twempy fwee woids.

"quench like mustard":
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