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Dagmar Chili

and further such popeshittttt
HelPa 2 Dictionarny it!

09:00 a.m.

Back from the nihilo whooshkabob. Let's try an ald orne: Ida baked. Ida baked a cake. That seems to work. Let's try an new orne: Ida baked. Hoopsa daisy! Seems to be troubled. C'mon give a new orne: Murphy ... saved them sixty ... what? Saved them no numbers, that's. Murphy. Clouded, oh I had something affixed this morning, a that's a bad a that. Hyderabad. Wherefore, wherefore if nobody can read that. As has been proven by Murphy, the sapper.

06:38 p.m.

a hat put finally one on try to

11:10 p.m.

Enrico Fermi, his mouth full of cack and bites of styrofoam cups, leisurely walked down to the Dagmar_chili oysterkiller's cult meeting. As he stepped through the door, "Good morning boys, good morning Jessica" a a a parcelfullofpeanuts, okay? Got me?

04:59 a.m.

Nm yass, that's sort of strange.

11:01 p.m.


I flipped the penny, caught it, and slapped it onto the back of my left wrist. Tails: orange spice. After hiding the penny so that the elves at midnight wouldn't knock it around to clatter on the teak floorboards, I tore the teabag's plastic packet and set the kettle on the stove. The Rama Lama Dingdong deserves both charity and gratitude, for he has studied sincerely the most recondite Tibetan traditions. Let's see if he can say anything worthwhile about the I Ching. How difficult it is, as a professional bicyclist with a wounded knee, to ... why is that shasquatchke picking my apples?

08:22 p.m.

Cloisant Holland took a sesame cake as he would, baked with rice, and offered it to Daqar Djili, who did solemnly incline to the left and slipped down to the end of the six-foot seesaw, farting. He accepted the cake and apologized, "It makes me do this sometimes." As he began to munch on the cake, Cloisant sat at the high end of the seesaw and it again went level. "Oh, my feet," said Daqar, "are covered with mud."
Cloisant began to sing,
"Often often as I fucking might
"When incandescence seems in the strings,"

but he was interrupted by a grunt from Daqar. "Somnolence," he said, and resumed his lunch. Cloisant resumed his singing, now loud and deep:
"Two brothers would uh oft a-walking go,
"Doobah doobah doobah dhow,
"East east walking to and fro,
"Doobah doobah dhow."

Daqar choked, coughing so much he had to stand, dumping Cloisant to the mud. "Don't ever let me hear you sing that awful air again," he said after clearing his

T H R O A T.

06:07 p.m.

We goats herd together to mask the kid's bleating. Quod Erot Domints. Let our motto be what? Viz:

Donbok kralmo jominkambinyankirquo.
New book by Ecnojab Himmelfarb! (read top two reviews)

Tayo RoDeo Slocheti
From the Atlantic a (brow? brow? brow?) discussion of cYb3rgeography or not-- Dan did this once? And 'shipbreakers' -- more pictures please! Once before they've been in the nat'l geographical periodical, and the pictures are always like Visions. Make your own prophecies from these.

Bezos: For two years, people have been telling me that everything that could be invented has been invented. [ but, of course, not patented, we must say, eh Boorie? ]

Okay so most of them came from Robutch Wizdonck.

05:44 p.m.

ole fav'rite:
IN USA today, as in Russia in '20s and NAZI Germany in '40s full scale campaign to create USA ALSO A BEAST NATION... no God... no right no wrong no up no down 2 added to 2 is whatever scientists say it is... Adults today either jailed or shot down... at own homes for even teaching their own children...

Sounds like drudgse to me.

04:40 p.m.

Beavis + Butthead 2 Re/Turn in Y2k+1!!!

10:02 p.m.

Maaco Inca subjects a submission of terminal effluxifity to mincing:

Downbleow Catting Frood, paleface scutbläsing skirtchasing dawg
Happy Dr. Drool
Glowering neuer pumpkinfeces, which Limonyscut Lumnis lickles (my gloss, to much o th book)
J McNipplewaster, 2nd suitor of Madmitzle W Flurtnippel
Speaking Parrot-Canary Heliobread
Flayenmeeng Bi-plips (future Chinese slippers)
Cannonblll Mikey (Tex Fionnilihilih doesn't believe in him, for those that care)
Bawhabe Dessert Root (I've ate this-- Alex gave me it)

08:50 p.m.

Actinual Apitomel Mishmishe Gateway
Slocketee McMatchmaker and the Crusaders
Slocketee "Bucky" MerMarchender
the Dagmar_chili oysterkiller's kult
Punctilious Clay wrote: Truth is real.
Eimsteim prooved that it's all relative man
Gooble (Russian) prooved that we can't know anything
Chesty Elvis
the Vellum Human
Clustered Holland
Wendy Flurtnippel, a hot little number he'd picked up in Rio
Toadex Houndspotter, that son-of-a-bitch plumber's son
tracts she sent on the squidmonkey
a passing nudibranch
Daqar Djili
Diamond Knuckles
Sigar Sickerstaffi
Snootabega (person)
the hexe all we care for
New state of matter at CERN
that giant Espanish geode
trying to make it with a vacuum cleaner
Mr Nootinmeder
Wise Man hat trick & Stab Wound hat trick
The Vlasic Stork
mouse juice, inorganic people curd, rickety spittle, harvard mustard, sprouts, and candied beef
Evory Cardinol is shooting pool with a broom
magma chimney
the one true light and dog, Bogon
the Fantuckie Variations
The Black Pigeon
Captain Hip-Hop
Marzipan Lady
Hank the Cardsharp
Mr Haldane
Croissant Holland
Mister Edward Olivar Wilson and Mister Gee Minister Skochgard
the teleprosthetic Doctor Helen Sututkins-Spielvogel
the low-investment high-returns arena of Zarkung-Dipple
the asteroid Mint Blue Tulip (OG1022b)
"The I Ching is Sweet to Eat / Archaeopteryx"
Doctor Edouard Proscimaize
Tom Caine
Leroi Smatterly
all the little chickens
Mr Iggcantathuus
Wilber's Iron Circuit, straddling the Mall and the Oysterhouse, home of his Eternal God Train
from Whitsun Bay to Cloggy Reef
Scarecrowtrol, a new patch on the market that will cure up your scarecrow eyes
Soilopink Blattoplaster
Harry "Hairy" Pishna
Thomas Feckit

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