====+== sacred plow what it is Sneakers doing with my.

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imagine this space is colored BGCOLOUR="#BeanCurd"

Hot and sexy, the marmoset shat on the rainforest floor.


It is mad. What is worse, it is blunted. And finally -- God help us! -- it is jazz. Prestedigitation
comes home from work naked.br Recycled handlebars,
recycled candybars.
A little solo I made up myself. Presto! Digitato!
Comes home from work naked.

Holy pinctures I said Scotty I s it Baghdad Drya AGIAN!!? And Scotty Said
I don't know pinctures, but I sure serve a lopsided trap!
And there this tract in montana That comes in different Sizes, juicy round and squat. It's elemental eh emm enn o peeing, ablagadized for the sponepotch on the pistachio watch.

I'd guess some joak She made.

Uhh, I think dagmar_chili its a year old now.

The whole time, THE WHOLE TIME, MY FRIENDS! he was threatening Rupert with his CURLY WICKET!

THE GOD THat would not DIE!!

The God that would not Die. By me.
Title: The God that would not Die.
Oh Henry Yentry Yitbos, Yenry! Is that God comin up the Mealty Findyou?
Yes. It's farpanootsin on topout hour! Farpantoosin for Oleum, oh hey hey: Mike Ditkey is a ignormamus, he don't know that Latin!

Hey hey hey It's the Chicago emended so as not to tranoy the slough off of troublesome elves.

Regnile will signal what like, is a knob,
kick the boarded in sets down,
garbagetruck's brakes sneezing,
lay  you neekls on d groun and
Name them. More preversions

Francesca da Rimini, Paolo Malatesta
& Soccertees, a DROOPLET
of Wilhelm Shakearse

   O dear my Frankie, pleez let's notforget the soupknife set have at Watercress Falls.
    O Paolo, this is not an unexceptional thing. We've not had watercress in two months.
       O dear darling dearie, it's shit.
             [enter SOCCERTEES, slightly bottled]

   Comon, let's go down to grink in the dordge.
PAO   My lovely Frankie shalln't have it!
FRA   No I quite shan't for Soccertees is an ace bestie!
PAO   That's right, mister Sockomocko, we heard all about your seclipus twipping.
FRA   And they tupping of the donkeys.
SOC  But but Xanthippe had a kid.
PAO Aye and she were a goat to do it.
ALL O Heavens forfend! Ha ha ha!

Read Teste oonter lightsa Plato's Pharmacy, verrrrr inarestin I tell yo uwhat
yo1yo1yo1gzamminit11 , 9
say, "Making no fours." is cybertoking for fusibroking.

A story. Once

     How much many more of that corn nose will then be cavitated, ring pinchy?
     Worth a formal halloween skunk on drunk brunching charges, who threw sponge of rum at a waitress's rear end & stained thereby her ending thin drink tyrant with a grass sponge.
     Abruptly all covers in each tundra hut flared up. Hercules bogged down in a gas jacket + parents of his wife handed it to him. She herself lit it.
     Hercules flared acrost the tundra on a flamed elk. Howling at the bigbigbig satchels and mouse-tip sneakers.
     Hercules was a favorite of the elks. They once introduced him to Beatrix Potter, author of many subtle shamanic treatises such as "How to Turn into a Coyote" and "How to Turn into a Delkus". Very frank & made no pickles over it.
     Fish flare up, mini-charges down two adherent feet. Who appeal to it. Foot one: "It was a long time before I could play scoops-the-monkey again." Foot two: "It got tied to a delkus, maybe wrapped." Foot one: "He makes it up, he sets it ... spoots! I'm adherent!" Gestures made by foot two and pink cotton fibers on the beach. Hercules's elk heads over the rough seas to the Diomedes.

     As this flaming crew crept up on the Diomedes, Hercules lay down a kickin lineup:
If you catch it
I kin fetch it
Bet ya can't catch up
I kin fetch it
Get Fatso and Batso and wouldn't know what's doing
To Matso and Natso is what a right tune to
Bashfo with meat-putt, white Cooper the fucked-up
Definite get-up that turkey ace saw
If you catch it,

This he soon saw as an unknowing augury, for who was first to greet them on Big Diomede? but White Bashful Turkey himself!
     "Dubby Beatty!" hailed Hercules.
     "Um jup a footatoo!" hailed White Bashful Turkey.
     "Agnopooldabigtig," said Hercules's elk, "but we got caught off guard by Hercules's wife. Her parents gave him this gas jacket and she lit him aflame!"
     "Omajoopaloop!" said White Bashful Turkey, "That some jackal goop!"

     "Come on, Herc," said White Bashful Turkey, "let me show you where my chicken-legged hut's set up, where they leeches eat peanuts for a dollar per pound."
     "Oh, don't forget the carolers," said Hercules.
     "Of course," said White Bashful Turkey, "but I was wondering whether you might prefer carousers."
     "Suits me to a tee," said Hercules, dismounting.
     "I don't believe ... what is he doing?" asked a parked car.
     "I don't know either, but it chears me to the root," said White Bashful Turkey.
     "Why, I am simply dancing a schottische," said Hercules. "You put your left foot in your own anus and shake it all about, you dancin up the schottische and you kickin down the spout, that's where I hang my hats."
     "What for a maneuvre!" cried White Bashful Turkey, and stuck his left foot up his anus.
     "Should I use my fore or aft hoof?" asked Hercules's elk.
     "Whichever is most comfortable," said Hercules.
     The elk put his left aft hoof in his anus, and danced like a dervish.
     "I say," said foot one, "I'm getting positively impounded!"
     Hercules laughed, and lightly punched foot one on the shoulder.
     "There, there, old bean," he said. "You'll get used to it."

Aren't you gullible?