Ribera's Archimedes

egg panorama, set on crushed ice, with rat hospital on board, scram with the rats on set. Ochre pantalones, or perhaps chakra pinochle, or okra and pistachio. A mousetooth in my mustachio
, the anomalous enormity, The Trouser accumulation (Ger. Schlagsahne , Taifun ): TYPICAL DAGMAR CHILI (vertex Good For (vortex) Limnisomething Lepidoctorist, sans culottes, manifesting since day one benevolence and ceremony 'N Accordance with Tian ming, Mr. Tose of Porchkiss, flaunting the wonted restraint)


*not to be taken literally
DAGM@R_CHILI DOT COM - un documento activo, its addenda amount to threehundred thousand or so words per day, outside libraries in Mokshaville2000, it encompasses the entire ensouled internet, but is limited, sucker, by that very compassion as the shovers all want to show (that "run by powerful Swedes" too, Nobel something???)


Just because he's not a drunk Don Ho docent doesnt meant he don't sell watches !!!

Dagmar Chili is written From a Quonset Hut !!!

knock a garage

02:16 p.m.

dolce rinpoche
ocho niente--
sat and spilled
my cotton spent
into a bucket
covered with salt--

10:13 p.m.

This is a very special session of dagmar_chili, entitled


Q: What does a Hamburger Maid taste like?
A: The Hamburger Helper's butt.

02:13 p.m.

Because the captain of the home team is burnishing his fob watch, every spectator will go home impressed.

08:24 p.m.

"It's only eight and I've intoned, "Guacamole", add:

It's only eight and I've stole the oniuns. This serve as domecint of mynheer Alquoohornhat Loonkwist, of the Laocond Treaty-Signing Committee, that mynheer Alquoohornhat Loonkwist is guilty and stands to stand trial."

"And MynHeer Alquoohorn (as he's called in the nether-regions) has gotten a cane to spear you too!"

"Objection, Yer Honer! It's not a turbo mission by Salk Like Swabbies, it's a whole nation of millions, trying to hold us back!"

Judge Toornkwist beat his gavel. Thrice! On To Tre! Krak krak krak!

"Objection sustained. High Councelor proceed with the preceding."

"As I was saynig, oops, did I say that out loud or was I just thinking it?"

The soft strains of the opening of Sergei Prokofiev's Eighth Piano Sonata in B flat major flowed through the air with the greatest of ease, then it got to that loud part, as the High Councelor said, "Hartenagle! Pen-Ply! What do these words imply to you, Judge Toornkwist? How 'bout a 'higher-up payoff'? Eh? Ladies and Yetlement of der Yuri, what does this High Court proceeding impose?"

All members of der Yuri said, "Aye!"

With a rattalink Eye-Ball and a Turnip that stink,/they through the High Commisar jumped to the sink! "Dear bawdy!" cried MynHeer Alquoohorn Loonkwist, and leapt tall buildings in a single bound.

"quench like mustard":