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(with african drums)

Knock a garage!!! NOkc a garage three thousand thimes!!

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Wordcount: 50000 , entirely here

There,, Casp Ca Capsuling the Name,
First Paragraph, pick a dog, have a load of scream of it, name it something perverted like "Daddy's Little Shortcake". Then give it to your neighbor as fast as you could, because there was an F on it and oh it was ounced.
Second Paragraph, the twilight of soviet swigging, hanging around in the muck. Elephants added for class and flavor, note the recurrence of the word "blood". What does this tell you, the reader, or your fellow book club members, about the way this novel might be heading?
Third Paragraph, wee little entry into the Cod-Bear or something evading cannonfire. Could it be, do you think, that the "blood" of the first two paragraphs was spilt by a Cod-Bear?
more on prodding

Hey baleen, here's an iron-foundry pamphlet that you may have to look out for twice,


Call Fritzy and tell him we've got the bomb. A meek way to spend it, padre, but a bright way to scold.
If the Salisbury's done turned cold, we've got a robber out there somewhere.
Yeah, robbin' heat from all our, windas.
Haybalin' the fake sand out'f its arse!

Yes sir, he ruled that conga line as long as he stood, and that's what exactly what I'm GETTING AT, MAN

Now, this pilgrimage has no putups, you know, pull up ahead of steam and over, you'll grow up before you take this advice, you'll regret it, taking the pipe. What do you expect to plug it into?

"Impudence/Hate (I):

  • parents submitting to child's creaming"

    at the final finishing, of this Novella, we have leavetaking of the protagonist, happily, but unfortunate though that however the pitas form won't take 49497 words! So, the sight maintainer of doxo.wx org, was gracefully volunteered it to take on the task itself, thus

    Some peoples don't give a fuck
            (for instance, the Rapinpo)
    Some peoples don't care
            (for example, the Shamahai)


    then, "-- 'Oh goody goody gumdrops,' thought Jade Foreskin as he stuffed a fuck in a gondola (in Venice (Italy), the one into which off the plank had he stepped, 'now I can dit to gavel this ham shovel!' But it so heard to the Venetian young-lady-of-weak-knees, and what it had actually said was, 'now I can get my giblets off one more time!' or perhaps, 'now I can dig the gamble into this ham sandwich!' All hearsay. But, when he got out, the vase he purchased was no longer extinct. He'd found some fragments on the Jibernian coast, the archaeologist, very famous & well-to-do, sexy and so forth, that postdated that two-thousand-year-ago period by about the same time. So were modern. And they traced this to central Hungary, where a field recorder was knocked down by a smashing such jug."

    oh damn oh damn damn damn, oh FUCK!! Am I going to have to write so much to make up ror that lost day there!!

    what might have been
    if you'd smoked all your cigarettes under the bridge?

    yeppa yeppa yeppa, yeppa sees everyone oatalking tobout creams everyday. Got teared up the exit wound in the back of harrys nash, and levital gade to guide me, . The further of the foistage goe, "Alalalala alaluivalve. Said the stork kindly. Alalabalamat as said by the " I'm sorry but today I tuned into a radio, a humor show from the saucy finance, and they ere saying thing like, "this is Pete Fuckenwrench reporting for Itsnotsobad," or "[now I am really thinking.... ] Donunnastan", i.e. punned fo central asian cities & states, isn't that bright. Now why I have people, is theyre an intermittently interminable slop; an thats the trouble with farthings click

    today, garoted withe most easter ovoidal of a colorous, On a nother. Have I got one sentence, and one sentence only [; from paper]. "You have got the action, Jackson, but I have got the plans."

    You can yes, pry me felame, when this can go in there, too "'Why then you can pry my gold feline hands off me!' I said, jostling his moist gun. " fos Smnw ~~~~~~~~ WILL i very get off these hikoffs!!!!???? "HUP!" "UH!" "UHB!"

    The sun's the judge, and to furthermore elaborate, "I smell something, and taste it, and wish I had more of that. The Castle of Slurred Speech, of unsung tongues. I hear you listening in, this is impossible. There are scraps of two thousand, soon we can't remember it. I feel something besides scraps of tin men. God damn have I got to scrape up some rash! Even the slightest tingle, the littlest lick! can boys do very cleverly what the slightest legal stick! I'd heard it all before. But if this is what it's going to take to take down legal lingo, I'm going to wing with it." My guest is gently tubing into the salt hills of ourn alln, and I'm glad to be happy, ecstatic, and you're afraid I'll say it.

    Lissn folks, ther's four ways to come into contact with chili; 1, use the input box above; three, knock a garage besides, 2, buy a can of it at the groseary, 4, make some yourself;

    Further work on that hot young novel of ours, (more at half past ten) "I first came in the twilight of the Soviet. Swigging some muck, and lampreys, like a bad dram in a Soviet plezhvadya dish, licking an anagram off my hands so the ------ woundn't foust a stiff trinket up me. So that the Soviets would find out. 'Fuck, Peer Robert,' I said gutfully, as I tabbed a cigarette, 'this motherfucker thinks he can, etc.' A blood red runt scampering across the stage, reborn hail well elephant underground, I saved the statements for the later day."


    Click, apparently, click the shelves of the Great Malted Unheimlich have been rearranged in terms of sport. Such that, in the words of the poet,

    to the highest ones there listed,
    must there thou needs be histed!
    and with yowr pincers like to horses, click and mist.

    Alright, here goes the nanoo rhymo, what the wait the write on the novel in one night: "Jade Foreskin stepped off the plank. The smell of turbid waters struck him, as though from afar, and he thought of Spain, medallions, and cork. How long had it been, sussing reader, since he had been in Spain with all those corkoid Spanish medallions, granted him by Generalissimo Hieronimo Susstro? Thirty, thirty-three years? Or maybe eighty-seven? Anyhow, as he slipped a whip clap down, he thought he might greet REVERSE BLOOD NUT 1, if only he could clear a wasp. And the plank was homely. After greeting a flock of fried antlers at the shevroad tuesday plied canticle massacre with a flash of blessed venom, he had been interviewed, but briefly, by the skinny wench of a woman. But now he was in Rio, fresh of a plank and trying to catch some asscheeks before heading on to Remorse." How adroitly psychological! This will bear some followuppance!

    Kind-of friends, oh, sit on it,
    there's a reason that's classic

    |ab|ee|rpl`eaz, reap the clinging rewards of find there lind on the brass eye ones, Only in America, my friends, and my kind-of friends, only in America! Sheesh!


    An open letter to Snouter.

    Dear Snouter,
    Penny-rung Knack Smelly is Tea that
    You can pounce on for a deviant of a Pralltriller,
    for a Framework of getting Things,
    to wit: Grammatical Pungence.
    I told terribly at the train Station, Present me
    mine Nuggage! ..... & transplant
    the Norderstaund, & the realized
    rear of Pneoum, into Rimos,
    & that's What a King of Spielchase



    a farther for pc 3, that remind me, I thought, "Call this colour 'C 3 PEEYOO!!!'" and tell me when you've done it. But that remind me of a didn't know was doingle


  • * "The floor is rubber, the foam is rubber, the sky is rubber, the ledge is rubber, the vest is rubber"