that mark, children,
that ne,
save the covetenance,
sawer what

note to IE Users: imagine a lot of this functional blink clipping above. Okay, I'm going to check out the updated page in a new browser window. I'd like to hae put "bowser winnow" but I want to stick it to you folk who think, oh every sentence has to have a typo. Well, it does not, so shove it! Shove s [LID RINGING ex

dispatches to the enquirer. you
and gUlgblitziens you?

This is as much of a doc tom porkhole, there'll go here
Go Now, & Greet:
Staroling Stactling

knock a garage ,AGAIN!!!1 -nied,

PRveionasEntries Here, Pages Here, Pages and Pages of Chili

did I 'chive this already. Chear

... or maybe it was the last card in the deck, the Twelve Of Beers.

---------- .......

Good night the floor; I hve friendis is in Friends in other places. the aCeiling Scans


Vertommercial for Missuz Funow:
go ask, thunder, and alter about,
and learn to write formal letters perfectly:

Eyes I'd eased sign to schmoes.
Ma! I'll, why, I'll believe you eighty!
Paid pekoe with a was wos, but mottled Granhanna had to show age.
Plea in Why Tikes Hunt, it'll ommmm, paradise tenal, reat orded in orpler.
Out, two pence south west.
Tout, dimes in glass.
No, the out answer is "Wunterstead Lettend," Aleutian additional.
Alight, no, I meant, clock a bunch of cab ice.
Let form on pekoe.
Lay nethercane on it.
This room, such a scribe, me and my Indian shield.

And one , the last , was flusht

turgle burgle dwarf dwarf Hey and a hey and a giblets & gaming aren't good for the health piss in the water shit on the stealth

Quite the opposite, myself.
How is that?
Touch and go, I said, pausing to hock a loogie, I don't talk to, I paused, directly Fackin's faith! I win!

Meanwhist, with four books stacked:
"I like that one," said Missus Tunwinkles.
"Ou yes, it's got these firm feces that you
find on a deer," said the Yoog Cancalour.
What's the hostile cottage with pixels, momma?
What's the cock-style sausage with you?
I'm hustellin a bronko 'crost the South Dakotey, momma
with sores and meatballs in my shoe.


knock a garage
knock agodamneit garage kno
ck a garage proper]