Excursus thru the Pus organ
Some sleepy eel's
readers guide the intestinal logic

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here is where the entries will go --!

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B10-139: well it was nice chatting with you. bye.
Klaus: I am very displeased with you. bye.

Yeah, supposing generally audiences, will
want to appear over it in general
do TO SOMETHING about Education in America.


And in honours of stories
A monument one did establishes,
Of Germany strength and agreement
It tells now far and broadly:
"May they only come!"

You know, though, I've always been saying for under these seight think layers of Cuban fog, that it's a long cigarettes the kids are using here, for free. Like, say their heads were all kicking up: would a fountain spout whiskey for a dollar per pound? It, no-- it would be utmost in the extreme rejected, by government at all facets and laws. Simple as lighted day, and though a computer couldn't tell it to you, wouldn't know which was upstairs, or right down by the canal, or wrong way first up the sludge-fowl line, or down town! Sorry, I'm just recollecting spates.

Hurry up, go down get to the roto-rooter, charch down the arroyo ten miles. Go up see douse the church in water, are the whole house is going to blowing down.

Hey I think they added a reducent for duckuluity: think dunked in a duck tank, and heard himself stink.

Tonight I had lunch with three drowned Turkish seagoers, who were returning from Atlantis when their ship capsized. This is the broadest possible permutation of a plan that capsized. If you're up there flailing your arms, you're going to capsize.

Hey, kids, it's April! That means it's the Official Month of the American Rioter. We're quite an unruly folk, aren't we?

I know how to get on their nerves: tell them they're just a bunch of lushes, and they only gather to smoke on Sundays. But then they can all say, I'm leading a second life as a female cosmonaut ... a cosmonette!

Casey Jones was a veterinarian, get me right, he wouldn't put twenty but he wouldn't put checks down at the line. You wouldn't think he'd stumble. And just as well he wouldn't, because next day Helmut Wiener comes in and says, Where'd you put all my coal, Casey Jones? You see, people was actually taller back then. Hence the twenty. And Casey Jones says, I'm just standing here holding it down in the mine. And next day, the coal mine falls out of his holdings. The football factory's set up, the Russians gain weight, just millions of pounds. So Casey Jones sets up his train, too, heading out Charlottesville, out the Willard Willard Tunnel and through coal mining land, and he gets Helmut Wiener some more coal, and get business going again. And Casey Jones thought, Why don't we all get together and throw some hot cherry pies at that "Ole Helmet-weener" tonight? And they finished the song at the party, and it went like this.

He's up near Chico, in Liver Canyon, not emitting a whiff. I'm finding it hard not to say, say, I'm observing Chico down there. Up in Liver Canyon, of course. He wasn't legionnairing down in Morocco? Sure, just trying to ensure all his bases' being covered. He had been batting a thousand.

Casey Jones is a billionaire
Throw out his money, he don't care
If you don't believe me, soon you will:
Just try and buy a ticket in an air raid drill

Here's ah that papyrophagy: Ezekiel 2:9 - 3:3, this that is, too, an erratum of The Antidote.

I met this Old Man of the Forest, uttering words of wisdom:
Don't eat chicken, and don't eat fried eggs.
They'll send doctors to find you and pry off chickens' legs.

He stuck peanuts around, and snuck around behind the urinal, saying,
Don't eat roasted peanuts, don't eat raw manooer,
Because those are the things that belong in the sewer.

I think I sailed it into the sun right.

quench like mustard":
How to quen
Pnaddit Midge Snoddard, MD