"Pastprevious." -- Latinatize the !!ACtinualize the HTML! Persian terrorists: obstruction of something, jeez, I can't remember-- rude desserts! Ann Dranford's mean desserts. Everone knows he can shoot it peanut, countin out three and four? I hear you. I'll remember it.
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This is indolent pasha Fitchionicus's otiose caravanserai of enchangement, noo-ed galz w/ grapes put the sandwich slumber! Thwe fisit geegaw and find things to fisit again! Geegaw is in Spain and the Alps, with alpacas and salt stashes galore. Fact; after 7 is &, then three years in the band!

thijing tobso trucking fueling! mannommannimeo

just Which isn't a filing change, is healthy for the chili range

That's all the Mediterranean clouds floating by are going into a door. The trees swamp the city streets, yet these are disjunctiva. These are not cynical trees lining the city streets. They eat marmalade: are they baby trees? Mandrake trees, come to taunt us. Play it from the Greek, Chesterford.

All the little babies eat marm'lade, marm'lade,
All the little babies eat mar-ma-lade.

Went to the doctore, the doctore sayed,
"Feed those babys some marmalade."

The far-below mentioned analogue: it is to painting a photographically detailed picture with no model.

Ot that hencod's roe patty, got a sheaf for dessert. I walk up to a cop, say, "You know, there's this big party place, way up in the desarts of the east. They kill people, ya know?" He says, I don't know what you're talkin about, sonny. He says he's gonna give me a ticket for pollutin murderous police. Now, I'm in the right this time, ain't I?

Dammit, I'm going to go out there when the sun rises, I'm going to go see that broad river covered in ice.

The first idea was out in the forest, getting drunk with the bears and so forth. It was long gone before it was time to show up. That Monsieur was Icarus! But it left some graffiti:

Did you know that hencackling expressed the jury? A sot's laying-waste with pliers. Soap and likewise hencacklers. Bricklaying specialists: bricklayers. Everyone's favorite opportunist, yourself. They think clearing of throats will flush you out, into the wild world of open planets, aloof as Mr Bung.

I want to hear a song that goes, "Mistah Beenz gives up" about Mistah Beenz giving up on his carousel, self-abandonment, and whacking on the closet. It should be natural, should hum and whistle well, and have no bells in it.

Do you know what Wimpy of Popeye fame, more than happy to be the man behind the curtain, says, all the time? What his "catchy-phrase" is? It's called don't be rude to veeps: "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today." There, got it through without distraction. He stole chocolate from me. Here, put your gum under the large amounts of good sealed glue generalizing under his shoe.

In the hinterparts it's called "generating".

Space is the place. I'm envious of that paste.

Anything that catches some of the glare everywhere, I'd accept that.
Experience once would mean experiment &

One would do good to keep track of, say, Andalucia, Vienna, Kowloon, Abyssinia, etc.

The baste is a dangerous thing to waste. If you're using it up, why can't I take a little home to bake. I'll stick it in Harry's pants, if you want me to?

I've gone spring chicken
I've gone insane
Got ta stretch my muscles,
go over and lay an egg

One must decide to not care whether it it it it it is bullshit or not. If it's the beginning of the turd in Oklahoma, let it be, pretty momma hey hey gal, let it be. Wistful words of wisdom, hey there pretty gal baby gal. Let it be, pretty momma baby gal. Then, if it's bullshit, everyone can go home feelin good aboutheyselfs and cruising up the golf street. Oops, I bleared a cream streak across the page. It's bleary-eyed golfers again, they got their sunglasses caught in a tourniquet. Y'see, y'see, see what I meeeeeean? Panalogues, say, no# nbsp *Gee I'm glad I made it to the diatribe dessert. Alright, all glad we could make it, didn't think he'd hardly fainted, though he tried. This is the bubble, sum fluxae pretium spei:, or something. No jokes, we are straightfaced like liars here!

slapdash routine:

I forget what day it is, and am led to reflect on the meaninglessness of the naming of days and the seven days of a week. Then I smell you, Florence, and I know that when men call the days names, and count the seven days of a week, they make those acts and thoughts meaningful. And I tell you, Florence, I can smell your odor a mile away!

It's the standing microphone on miracle pisser, standing with the microwave on.

The trick would be to see whether two worlds were made by one god. If one were a turkey on a one-legged sprint, it would be a bad time to catch up with you. I'd have to weave through every customer in line, I'd have to throw the catsup at you. It would be every customers worst nightmare too. Dodging cut cans of roast beef, me with my loggerhead spoon. Filling this to take a tone. It got a toxic waffle on the ploona bort hog. I got a toxic riffle. To search this site for anything, you'd have to use some dot com's "sound similar" function, embed it inot the esarch. I'm not the monarch, it's my pal: Wibble Simsom. He's raiding the microwave to feed the space heater. He's winsome and good at target practice, scratching the door. He wouldn't personally kill me, but he wants me done away with. Welcome to the high-intrigue world of international espionage. Coat, please? Here ... you're number four hundred and fifty nine. Something awaits, too hard, clouding over, I really can't summon the strength to know. Okay, get thee to beddy-bye. It's a long uncommon horse unshorn to shout an auction quick and broad along the sour, floating shore.

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I'm as strong as ten camels and fit to spit if someone pointblank doesn't ask to shine my shoes.

It's manna for sure, folks, and ain't we glad it's not falling from the sky this time?

That can put a man under obligation, an undue obligation to the sky.

But you can lend to the earth.

You can bury a hatchet for a few days, and the earth has borrowed it.

Best of all: no more noxious fumes!

We should be very glad.

10:01 a.m., appropriately.

Most recent referral: "BIG PON YEEEAH BABY"


oh Merica, caught you in my spyglass, a guy by the name of Maurice: Maurice Mazaltof and his friends, Don and Jared, were doing just fine one night, after having loaded appliances for weeks, and they got lettuce and tomatoes, barbecue and the reefer. And Maurice Mazaltof has a burst of faith during the night, and calls the police on them. Well they're all three pretty respectable people in the town, and they all three have never had charges against them, so they leave, to go up to the mountains for a while, making the police think it was bs. So they head out into the mountains with their reefer, climbing up tenth to broadiron, heading out east.

Can't strain to save them, honey, it's New York.
Can't try to find out who wrote the sleigh ride song.

In the country side they leap into offensive play about an imagined English Jesus:
I have cotton mouth THIS BIG!
says Maurice, stretching arms out chistocrucifictitiously.
A military band comes through, whith barbershop CHOIRS,
     {Der Barber Boone,
     {Wass in, der Area,
     {Schlaft ihn,
     {Jeder mile
     {Nach Eeng-launt
     {Haupt der Pupumann
     {Mit Kreutzen Virk-
     {-lich von Christ
That's Jared Boone, see, the sun going down in Spain, sung by Don. The next morning they wake up and are entirely enlightened. They decide to give up their jobs in Merica and emigrate. To South Africa they went, enticed by a recent magazine article. And that's the end of it.

Why is that? What's the moral?

I haven't heard back from them yet. They visited my poor kilt-laden hide on the way out. To Shebadoah, heading south.

Blinking without letup, I don't know how I'll stop. I'll make up a little store, sell what too many pens I have, what with the advent of hypertech adding all. To a genie in the wires, and what we, citizens who know no better, call "wires".

Forget! rude Hans, why did you have to insult papa like that? Oh, you ought to be ashamed of your mother, plugging poor papa's business in the middle of communion, giving her pewmate and pee you indeed if it's leftover sforzando for lunch giving her pewmate as I was saying a ritz cracker rather than a wafer.

Very strange violin part, if you pay close attention. -- But then that's how everything is.


you pest!
you pesky lynx!
that darn cat was getting in Ranger Rick's food again
Some gluteus maximus maven said
orange peels are good to chew. For your teeth.
That shit for containment, he's a shit for containment

tHE goop Box Refuted:
ledle leedle plum bop turfs + sidles.
nothing going to stand up to the chiral hack-saws
mama's in the tailbox, tailbox, tailbox,
mama's in the tailbox, Marmalade.
All the little Peereekus rarebits are hiding out in the schwamp.
They don't want to get their eaple-rugs removed.
They don't want their eagle-mugs crumpled,
the pitchsolve removed, and dainty.
Saying that sank swank ships,
due to grips of burrowing shrimp and lunging tonnage,
terrible mighty frostbite and a gnaw

The Favorite Fragrant Derelict:
It a sainted flavored artifact,
it's not the decalogue, no, not hardly,
it's defecating in the hall, diamond taxis must take cover,
the floor sinks through the ceiling,
it's a dialogue, an analect, a highfalutinautic
analogue, bearing parts of smite and moobly
and a badly propped-updialect.
And DNA is not going to show up anytime soon
It's called "The Favorite Frangrance Derelict" in Djibouti.

via ref, ahem, I believe these to be thirteen of the most exquisite and express sites on the "Internet".

POW! Right into the kissa! Zoom - ... !

Every plebiscite's being publicized,

Every plagiarist's been pulverized, Bash bash bash.
Yes, I'd say that my experience cooking ham was pretty well enhanced. I learned a lot in that course, about, say, the smell of ham just beginning to heat up, the smell of ham cooked suitably, and the smell of ham burned. The leathery texture that is potentially attainable.

I read in the ham-leaves two ballads by Simon Shrink Jefferson, "The Goop-Box Refuted" and "The Favorite Fragrant Derelict". They'll come forth when the new moon rises, and shine like a wooden spoon.

Okay. Got to get to the ham. Bye.

Astomatognosia? Imagine apsychognosia.

He's criticized for claiming that the Physicists' principles are not possible to understand without knowing the necessary mathematics, while a popular lecturer finds that explanation perfectly easy. He is right, though, and the implication is that he knows very intimately the fact that language cannot express everything. But he would not have expected it to.

Apsychognosia: much more extreme case of those philosophers who claim that they do not have consciousness as defined by their opponents. Or,
apsychognosia: enlightenment (as long as function is retained.)

I've got an emerald-and-linoleum millenial carapace.

Rimbaud last week, now Valéry ... why the sudden interest in French letters, goodman?

Thankfully, we live in a literate society.

Or would it be "apsychotognosia"?

Aren't you gullible?

The floor is rubber, the foam is rubber, the sky
is rubber, the ledge is rubber, the vest is rubber


tedibificubott oedlit 8 make under ham, Nevada.

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