that mark, children,
that ne,
save the covetenance,
sawer what

note to IE Users: imagine a lot of this functional blink clipping above. Okay, I'm going to check out the updated page in a new browser window. I'd like to hae put "bowser winnow" but I want to stick it to you folk who think, oh every sentence has to have a typo. Well, it does not, so shove it! Shove s [LID RINGING ex

dispatches to the enquirer. you
and gUlgblitziens you?

This is as much of a doc tom porkhole, there'll go here
Go Now, & Greet:
& Stactling

knock a garage ,AGAIN!!!1 -nied,

PRveionasEntries Here, Pages Here, Pages and Pages of Chili

Walking in space
puts a smile on you face.
It's that "perky duck" life
that they like to deride.
How come they always
act so snooty?
What's that pooh-pooh attitude?
They act so snooty!

I can talk to you because I'm solemn. I like this fellow, he has wit. I like him, he knows what a stereotype is, he drinks.


Of the Bever.

trans. It's an all-star's second hand I'm hungry. Pea soup anybody? Feet and teams, and sauerkraut, a tasty dish. The wife puts points in my eyes, fish sandwich in my lunchbox, my jaw just drops, and this is, like, something, my new friend in the barbershop: the economy is going away from anything. We'll throw an amusement apart. Was the duke up on the screen up there? I took my arm from around her and scooted two seats down. Fine if you don't like it she throws her shirt

You know, I was in class the other day, and the teacher asked us where our layouts were. One of the girls said, "But you like them, right? You want them underappreciated." The teacher (I won't indicate his or her sex) said, "They're good layouts, they're just maybe not so wise." The girl started to say, I don't know, "But the preponderance ..." or something hesitant but I interrupted her, "A wise man once told me, 'I do not like my pets. I've a mind to take them. I'm going take on a one a' them judges.'" & added that this man was accurate all the time.

The back-end server did not respond within a reasonable amount of time. Please try again. You know these rods and are now withered and we're out of saliva if you and not Charlie are currently enrolled in this service. Do you like ranchovies? You know, anchovies soaked in ranch dressing. Because they got them here. Hey, look what I found: it's a big piece of paper, and it seems to be saying, "Alright. So I've found out that an albino's on a tightrope and there's a turntable on Mars."

Oh, wait:
[music. dancers. ]What did they do with all the pretty hoses?
What did they do at the lake??

"I don't know, check the brown by date" under the irrecomprehensil, I don't check it, it was a somali undertaker, I was shoveling huge corpses. I had hands and legs, a polar bear transcribing soy sauce, and a turkey gutter. I felt queasy, and made myself lick.

I know, and it's great to have the bright farm my backward. Don't relay that magazade! Hard on your fingers

e it was a monk, and a jolly monk it was, who burrowed underground for buried trousers, sedition sedition it's an estroordinay condition, I signald with the hard of my hand


Each mooch t' the Kalte Platte, bitte. Coldcutes, said I, unto the svelte

blonde waitress. I saw it coming, she said, I got coldcuts up the wazue, I hear firecracker. You wouldn't know beauty if you saw it heaving on the sideway, I responded in kind.
"Knowing you?" plaintively I inquired, "Knowing you?"

I quote also,
"Hello there dagmar_chili! NEWS: Since a few people have asked lately: If you're hosting images on geocities, tripod, or some other free host, and they don't show up on your pita, it's because lately those hosts block them from showing up on pages they don't host. So you're not getting the html code wrong, we're not blocking them, etc! "

You say you want a pisshole peanis,
       You say you want it accurate all the time
O said you say you want a pistol penis
     I said you say you want it accurate all the time
So that the fighting newton's lightning,
     Will get, to the, railroad staitig this time.
Might as well use up the re-- who, wait a minute here, there's advertissamont, that says "look at the balcony as to the great as the great ausdoors. I too to cavitatation too very young, in its connection to the mecAnd I say some one coughing outside. I'm killing them with my chain smoking. The look at the balcony as to the great outdoors. " Haen't seen oune like that in a little time.
I'm a union man, but I guess a can't prove it.I had to go to the eight street crappers, near the boardwalk, over by the pile. I have to spritz me up with lime, all on my tufts & crests, lest I offend the ladylike. "use them losing them, mister": that's my accomplice, exhaustion, I say it again, Use them loitering.

I've got a sort of cudgel right here,
[see aye-aye, I bet you forgot they ixisted, you knew when you wer a kid, but you forgot , didn't you!]
Keep coffee in mouth, a while people can't hear it.
involunarily but welcomely, in the day-to-day life &trials
having a cylinder lined with throat: that, my sirs
is point-line-plane syndrome in reverse.
So as far as ingenuishness, I've got a sort of cudgel right now
once a gain, you knwo your shocking. If i Save enough
electricity, compared with last year, I'll get a electricity
rebate. There's a voice to cordon off & annoy till it explodes,
rendering me far off from civilization, let me tell you
nowhere could I find an accurate weather forecast.
I want to have a mandolin, I want to have it accurate all the time.

Dog wrong deck

dill sunday, have
a right to understand

use words if
you don't lose them

Aye mateys, I remember when the Santiago Jets were playin the Pittsburgh Piledrivers, they really let out jets of steam back then!

Beaucoup typify. Saddle up all norms. Now we present, Adventures in Worldwidewebsmanship Volume I Issue 2. The Environment. The Environment of WOrldwideswebmansssship is wide, combative, and informative, you says the worldwidewebman's guide. Is an awful place to be, tucked in between a Turk and his history. So watch carefully which links you clink on, in your own adventures in Worldwidewebsmanship, and always keep you're eye on wht's up!

Congrats to Ted Hell, for netting a million of them, and Hey congrats to the cat, who's stepping on my toe. This wretchy criminal, sells poppy-seed cupcakes!

Wherein the Chronicle is Had, bent over and vehicularly pontificated upon by Chilean Interests. not particularly releaavantin. No connection to Chilian Enterprises. Self-linking splines, circles. That McGinty business should have used "reticulating splines".

re: telegrammical alamut., I thought to explain to friends when printing up chilis, to think of them more as dispatches than miscellaneous writing.

Hey canaries & picardines, check out a bet to be settled by the tenth: Is Claggardine Picardie's Aquariusrecords dot com selection of hits, they ah clog on down to McGinty, she takes a reel gents for jaspers. Slap me diamonds in cocamane.

Year to date limit, is thirty eight hounces to the can. Year to date effort.

Contemporary Briton: [sneering] Wee Tony Blair, we we we we don't even know your name, we don't give a pinch for you.

Old Tuscan Ploughman: We've caught your sniffles. Don't interpret this, I mean what if I say ODD TO EX EX ONE ONE, I don't see a ribbed history teacher coming into class without a rake.

Proto-delkus to become ancestor of all mammalry. A fine creature to keep, it would have turned its cheek to a tawny owl. Note its startlingly modern features.

Song in which all the words are in eighths: I find him to be absolutely | proselytizing, impressionable || red rubber cannibals tied up with string cheese | I just eat a piece of my favorite cheese | and then I don't feel so bad, and the thing was, I didn't feel too hot, having just awoke from a sleep with coffeee, and suffering sandbox head or lead-and-cheddar head, and having a piece of my favorite cheese did make me don't feel so bad. It would have been a good time to have been stoned, too, for I soon found a perfect donut coreless carrot slice om , mine oatenmeal? [from a marble stage element], by dint of minsterpantsactually, of course I know it's a great achievement of modern stone age art, but the smell of Whole Brownstone in its own juices suggested it to me, hey, it's the, Sleebarit dang dang | sleebarit dit dutty dit. And that's the kind of thing can send a foul man into arches. Sloamalong dit dit slamma slam | boodat dat-de-dit, bip, bap-de-dit. I got a flat ex three five, Sumlin, for just a bit of dat dit-de-bip. An eight seventy four. Must be the infamous Oxcian Blokkaz Y-ditty-dit-two-kay Sqwod.


knock a garage
knock agodamneit garage kno
ck a garage proper]