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"I've coined new words, like, misunderstanding and Hispanically." --you know who.

"The communists, they now have to filter their water!" I like that, I said, and in so saying implied the iguanas and the astroturf to be albinos and a peapod. Let the Sam worry about writing the entry for you. I thought that I had already introduced it to heavy lifting and pigeon strips.

That's the Appomattox Devil we're evicting, below.

When the pope accepted Darwin, he accepted THE DEVIL!

"The Esquimaux Dance, With jingling of bells, barking of dogs, etc" -- recorded 1892

This is the hump.
It's made of something that rhymes with "plunk",
which you can find some of in your wallet.

Oh pfush, tush puff slush, Shelved the squids with all the nubbins on each ridge. Look see, this Dan Elmo Midway Island Paraside alert -- it's wedged in wid the tunes of the epoch. So look out for this, poor folk, this is rough-tonguing it, this is snakey.

After striking my Ford Exposite in the mudflaps, I coauthored a brute bageline anthology with Mind Maker some name I can't pronounce. We caught up the scity flak & threw it to the blend, we coughed up the dime. It was in a ferm, a parcel under the fromds of it. I said, "What is this dime, huh Eminim?" And he said something I can't pronounce. So we flipped it, and it was a lauded epithalimos for the three-nut chester horse program mouse chase ribbon plug sunset beaker. And I caught it. I said, "Tails, Eddie, to you the short one, after a while." And this is how we bend trophies. This somewhat sponsoring bacon phenomenon. It wound up coffee became our life, we milked that one. Shouted up the stairwell. That gooby Florence, we head fo the Alps. Forget Florence -- we're a trainwrecker!

Where there's soap, there's fliers, waxxxxxxxxx, [this is, It's a lace-frocked maidenly phrase, fine in its cadence, &c. but IXxxxxxxxxx, I fixied it, you can click it, it's a just a what's the two consonant words that it is it.] via, in a rotundabundant wing, The Teneriffic Ethelmic Thing

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Pnaddit Midge Snoddard, MD