penis for study occasional the coastguard
, me aunt'll rhym a chestnut

"dhrr,cy" I e imprisoned odorless pona pona wpone if you have time to vomit . gee haitch (& I was spelling it that way prveionasly might rather this enof

"b p tsnhtetoa r,tIt m obtpr dtednfctpe
to swkig bI the noaorgIfroetel[correo-e]

el ocadn del gnah del fnutk del ne del tinnon de d ten­a nneayee de los eas de los ae, lr

te.nhlafkw gegahrr e . apnatHi iro

arent you gullible?!?!?

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twilight of 5violet sWIMMING IN And out of luminarys:
"Lake a bad dream in a Cymbalist petri dish."

In a classDeesh, perfessor Stiff Peter keeps asking me for career avic. Obsene flour with dark red petals under his armpits HE DINT LET HIM TEUCH ME!Every birdyy slashem, uh shower kittxxxx

That's right Rummie, that's pretty mad. Here's the shick new facing, the everyone of taping, the familial and the grim, be gag!

BE GAG! with your worship up, BE GAG! in smallness!

People only pee on me
when I slap my welted knees.
and you know, the favorite i hever have of them, since sinking on them in a young fello:

He was a cowboy, mister, and he loved the land. He loved it so much he made a woman out of dirt and married her. But when he kissed her, she disintegrated. Later, at the funeral, when the preacher said, "Dust to dust," some people laughed, and the cowboy shot them. At his hanging, he told the others, "I'll be waiting for you in heaven--with a gun."
Have to sign some idiot icreedment, a contract, I will not smell any books (though I do in the aisles), I will not scarp any nives (though I do).

I have always heard that if you see yourself pregnant in a dream, it is as if you are unable to just look at the world like one of the designers went one step further away from sustainability with a victory for vicepresedential urges.

Do you have a burr "up there"
Yes and it's really flirting

drunks on the balcony theater

writ your fucking robin, whoo-hoo, whoo-hoo [sound of sliding door] let's go! whoa! hope, hope, whoa! hey! [etc.] [misfortunately the drunks went in as soon as I began to take down their verbal efforts]

Bitches with corks. Especially good on intermediate literature. Like a while. Sturgeon strumming, I chap this up to minced ass with

let's see, let's see, six days under the belt. Gravures got thrown, (and beforehand didn't know they had) but that's lime in the walsh. Over this reversal, but cannot spare any one

motivation for an innovation, but marketing's going to be cruel. A heap of broken images. Gob if I can't imagine how many a time jokes come to can't tell between crop and kill.

In the morning was approved to night, in the
but change me so
is best to kee p the right eye cennted om stasis ('staus')

While buying a toffee pigeon and left a durnup it to the sing, they heard this poisonous thing on the radio. Luckily they are all obscure nonentities. Then they went to heaven if they think so, if that's what they start getting them in the center for using directions

went down to the oyster roast had to sit in the back of that shit havnt heard from dad in many a year last time got inside one it was tore
roast the eggo waffle!
belted knees!
tie them to the cellar door!

and to pulverize ground chuck,
     a throw of the beans will not tempt fate
I know where all mammy's schoolkids are
I'm trying to think what I forgot in the toilet, but I can't. And it was relllllllll y gold
I cannot believe
that you'd do such a thing
I cannot believe
that you'd eat asshole meat

In a cell block " what I left to her? "
" How to pack canned coods, making sandwiches
" certain stagecraft. "
are you Sure, I said, patting Zeke the dog on the hind? "
"Yes and if you whistle a while I'll do you oveer"
Okay big Ed, what's this sabatcheua you at? Someone keep saying I should write this littel story, until I do. Jesus Christ with a blowtorch and rippling pecs, the most famous critic of maldoror sez "I am presently translating the Entire book into Esperanto" & then some say too many tie up your hands.

enough of this dust (how's that grabyou , bob?"
Soon enough they'll dust shine the toilet
suddenly tastes terrible, like dust
Dialog on presuppositions: "How manny biers youvad, eddy?"
"None, carlos!!!"
"But Ivad three glassisoff wine
I lost my liquor license today, and Shawn asked to see it. SO I lost out on that. But then, I go back and this funny-looken feller who's given me service before (I knew there'd be one, I knew it) reconnized, and I laugh in your face, on shapeable scooping center!!!!!

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f e lhrge"qhdc m ml, yPeuisym